About us

Hello, World! We are ROARRR and welcome to our online capacity development platform.

In 2012 our organisation was started with the mandate to activate authentic, value adding citizens. Identity Leadership is our business premise through which we assist individuals in discovering their authentic identity. We offer transformational program experiences that will see a better future and capacitate you to create it.


At ROARRR we envision a society where individuals are activated not just in becoming good citizens, but also in becoming value-adding citizens. We dream of a society where we move away from being consumers to a society where we all produce for the benefit of that society.

The future plays a big role in how we approach development. That is why we have equipped ourselves with critical development skills over the past 10 years to assist our clients to see a better future and then create it.

What started off as a business that wanted to make an impact in the lives of the youth has now evolved into a multi-layered organisation impacting in the following industries; Corporate Staff Training, Educational Development (Academics & Media) as well as Youth Empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the appropriate age groups for the programming?

Our programming is effective across multiple age groups. We do however recommend our programs to individuals involved in a transitional phase in order to establish foundation for the next phase. It is ideal for senior high-school students, varsity students and junior employees.

Why make use of webinars as well?

We have a firm belief that face-to-face interactions are the most effective activation method when developing people. Therefore, the use of webinars gives us the real-time face-to-face opportunity to empower our clients.

We are passionate about connecting with our clients.
Are teams able to complete the courses?

Absolutely YES. Our programming is aimed at activating the individual within a team or societal context. Teams can book group sessions with our consultants and go through the desired learning process together.

“Stronger Together”
Are your services only available ONLINE?

Definitely not. Our online platform grew out of our mobile development business. We have completed over 300 development programs across 4 countries since our inception.

Call us! We will come to your locality!